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Mitch Lewis, a world-renowned athlete, acclaimed author and global leader, designed

Your Personal Everest to inspire people and teams to
define their passion and take the next step forward to achieve true greatness for themselves and the world.


No matter what the current situation holds, every person & team has within them the potential to achieve great success with inspiration, purpose, collaboration and advocacy.


The best-selling author of Climbing Your Personal Everest & Climb Higher, Mitch shares his twelve principles for achieving your full potential while making your life & the world a better place.


One of only a handful of individuals to summit the highest mountains on all seven continents & complete marathons on the same seven continents. Mitch is working toward finishing marathons in all fifty states.



We strive to give back to our community & the world everyday in any way we can. YPE has been a champion for underserved people & our beautiful environment through financial contributions, ongoing mentorships & mental & spiritual counseling throughout our lifetimes. We live by thoughtful acts of kindness & intentional giving.


It was an absolute pleasure to have Mitch Lewis, athlete, 7-time summiteer, global exec and most importantly a longtime friend and sponsor come and spend time with my EMEAR Global Virtual Sales Leaders.
During these challenging times, we continue our climb to success and reward with our teams. In our business and personal lives, we can sometimes feel like we reached our limit. How do we take that next step? No one knows better than Mitch the power of the next step and how to overcome obstacles we can’t control, and how to celebrate the successes as we move forward.

Kim Andreoli-Pasche
Kim Andreoli-PascheSenior Director, Global Virtual Sales EMEAR, CISCO
In our business and personal lives, we sometimes feel as if we’ve reached our limit. The obstacles pile up, and the challenge seems too big. As Mitch shows us, all it takes is the courage to take one more step and carry on. His is an inspiring story with spectacular results.
In his presentation (to the NetApp Sales All Hands Meeting), Mitch shows us how to challenge ourselves to climb to ever-increasing heights while experiencing the thrills and rewards of success on a much deeper level.

Lori Harmon
Lori HarmonVice President, NetApp
During our time together, Mitch presented his “Everest” inspirational and motivational story to my extended management team. Despite his world-renowned achievements, he presented his journey to us with great humility. Being one of us in the industry, we could relate to where he was & were inspired by his accomplishments & took to heart his practical principles and steps for us to climb our own big mountains. I appreciated that he took the time to listen to our personal stories, offering lots of time for questions and posing thought-starters for bigger summits for us to consider. Simply, I’d recommend Mitch to any organization or group that is looking to transform themselves during these challenging times.

Manoj Kanodia
Manoj Kanodia CEO, Inspira Enterprises
I introduced Mitch to the SC Johnson Community and was lucky enough to see Mitch present to an audience of over 250 people. Mitch was engaging yet humble. He captivated the audience and stayed to sign books and answer questions. People continue to ask me when he’s coming back?!

Clair Holland
Clair Holland Global Marketing Leader, BI Worldwide
I’m always looking for senior industry A+ leaders for my conferences & I hired Mitch to speak about the challenges we all face and how to achieve greatness in our lives. His story of ‘ordinary people achieving extraordinary things’ resonated with our senior executives who are always looking for new ways of thinking, scaling their business and motivate their teams.

Chetan Sharma
Chetan Sharma CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting
I brought in Mitch to speak to an audience of CxOs & he was one of the most inspirational speakers our members had experienced. I highly recommend Mitch to any company looking to inspire in these uncertain times with authenticity, humility and humor.”

Paul Zuber
Paul Zuber Operating Partner, Thomas Bravo LLC
On a large 360’ stage, Mitch brought energy, enthusiasm and empathy. Being one of us – a quota-carry leader – he connected with the audience on every level with his breathtaking and inspiring adventures. I’ve run tons of big events and folks told me after that Mitch was one of the most memorable speakers and that his principles carry on in their lives.

Jim Smith
Jim Smith SVP Sales & Marketing, Tempest Telecom Solutions
I first met Mitch over ten years ago and, in that time, I have had the opportunity to work closely with him as both my manager & mentor. When I was first hired as the Head of Global Marketing reporting to Mitch, I relied heavily on his exceptional leadership, marketing savvy, direct guidance and support to become a strong leader in my role.

Anand Vridhagiri
Anand VridhagiriHead of Global Partner Marketing, Amazon Web Services
“Mitch and I met at Dilithium Networks, a 100-person late-stage VC-backed early leader in the mobile industry. Mitch, as the head of marketing, product management and development confidently took the reins in the ambiguous startup environment, communicating honestly and directly with customers with a polished focus on bringing them the strongest ROI through solid business cases and value propositions.

David Fremaux
David FremauxSenior Director, Global SI & Service Providers, VMwave
What can I say about Mitch? Though we’ve known each other for about seven years, it feels like lifetimes & the professional & personal impact he has had on my business & personal life is outstanding. We initially met while I was growing my VAR in Australia, I had worked with dozens & dozens of Vendors, but very few were true Partners.

Wayne Shaw
Wayne ShawFounder & CEO, Comlinx (an Over the Wire co.)
I’ve had the privilege & pleasure of knowing Mitch for over 20 years. We worked together in Stockholm for Ericsson’s new and global operators, and some years later, he recruited me to join his team in Jakarta. What I’ve appreciated most over the years is that regardless of where we’re living and working, Mitch takes the time to support me in my career and life growth.

Cassio Silva
Cassio SilvaSenior Sourcing Business Partner, Ericsson
I have known Mitch for 15+ years and have always been amazed at his professional and personal achievements, his humbleness and ability to be an incredibly positive and effective role model. His rich professional accomplishments and international experience gives him invaluable insights into different cultures and industry.

Koral Kartik
Koral KartikSenior Manager, Advanced Services, Rogers Communications