Inspiring and motivating teams and individuals of all ages
to climb to new heights in their personal and professional lives,
while helping to make the world a better place for all.

Now, more than ever, after the last few years, we’re all searching for purpose and meaning in our lives. Post-pandemic, there is a real yearning in so many to not only achieve more, but also to find their reason-for-being; and to find joy and happiness again. From our youngest grade-school children (and their teachers and parents) emerging after virtual/hybrid/masked learning – to corporate teams who are getting together for the first time in three years and learning to work with new colleagues – there is also an emotional and physical need to get together again and celebrate our accomplishments, achievements and to build energy for the journey ahead. And even more importantly, the desire to laugh more, to learn more, and to love ourselves and the possibilities when we work towards common goals and objectives.

Mitch’s presentations, whether to corporate teams, schools, clubs, senior centers or special events are designed with the relevancy for the attendees with guidance from the organizer or leader. Knowing the incredibly non-stop busy schedule of everyone these days, he makes sure the process, organization, communication and technical bits are as smooth and seamless as possible (Murphy notwithstanding). Mitch also pays particular attention to making the hour or so interesting, captivating, engaging, dramatic, humorous and visually stunning. Mostly he wants to make the experience memorable – and that it might inspire some to follow that dream by taking the first steps. We all have the potential to upgrade ourselves; to change our lives, while helping society and others in the process.


  1. Climbing Your Personal Everest
    (audience: teams, SKOs, organizations, groups, schools, retirees/seniors)
  2. Growing Sustainably
    (community, conferences, groups, schools)
  3. ‘Farmer John’ presents Billy the Baaad Goat
    (grade schools, themed event parties, or on-the-farm-in-the-big-red-barn)
  4. The Mother Mountain – You Can Climb Mt. Everest
    (grade-middle schools, themed event parties, clubs)
  5. #Never Too Late
    (groups, retirees/seniors, community, non-profits)

All Speaking Engagements are:

  • Personalized for audience and developed with organizer/leader/teacher for maximum relevancy
  • Approximate length (can be shortened or extended) is 35 – 40 minutes of presentation/reading and 15 – 20 minutes for Q&A, interaction, or discussion. 
  • Includes own beautiful and stunning photos, videos and illustrations. 
  • Objectives include inspiration and motivation for “The What”, teamwork and overcoming obstacles (and humor!) for “The How” and purpose and meaning for “The Why”. 
  • Parent/Teacher/Corporate/Student/Child age-appropriate language, words, messages, illustrations and imagery. 
  • School/Teacher resources available for The Mother Mountain (under development for “Billy”. 
  • Option to include physical (paperback/hardcover) or eBook (Kindle, e.g.) for participants in-person or remote. 
  • Presentation and materials always client-reviewed prior and available for distribution post-event. 

Successfully Guiding The World’s Most Beloved Companies

“I first met Mitch over ten years ago and, in that time, I have had the opportunity to work closely with him as both my manager and mentor. When I was first hired as the Head of Global Marketing reporting to Mitch, I relied heavily on his exceptional leadership, marketing savvy, direct guidance and support to become a strong leader in my role. Over the years we have established a life-long mentorship and friendship. Because one’s personal and professional lives are so closely interwoven, he has proven to be an amazing and dependable support in times of both growth and challenges. Most recently, when being recruited by AWS, Mitch played an instrumental role in coaching and advising me through the interview process to ensure I was prepared and delivered my best. I deeply appreciate Mitch’s mentorship, loyalty, knowledge and networking support skills and look forward to our continued journey ahead.”
Anand Vridhagiri, Head of Global Partner Marketing, Amazon Web Services
“I met Mitch through a colleague while I was at Ixia and planning our yearly SKO. I had secured the historic Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, and for our expected large crowd, we had planned the main stage to be in the Grand Ballroom, where the Oscars had taken place in the 1930s. Needless to say, there was a lot of pressure to find a speaker commensurate with the work my team was putting into this, as well as our management and stakeholder expectations. Mitch and I worked on this for some time before the event, and I know that he spoke to a few of my peers on the leadership team to hone his message just right for where we were as a company at the moment in time. On a large 360’ stage, Mitch brought energy, enthusiasm and empathy. Being “one of us” – a quota-carry sales/marketing leader – he was able to connect with the audience on a business and goals level – let alone his breathtaking and inspiring climbing adventures. I’ve run tons of big events and folks told me afterward that Mitch was one of the most memorable speakers and that some of his principles carry on in their lives in small or big ways.”
Jim Smith, Ixia (a Keysight business), VP Marketing and Sales Operations

“I have known Mitch for 15+ years and have always been amazed at his professional and personal achievements, his humbleness and ability to be an incredibly positive and effective role model. His rich professional graph and international experience gives him invaluable insights into different cultures and industry. Mitch radiates an eagerness to invest in others and has a unique ability of reflective listening with empathy. I believe the start of any change is from within; these sessions therefore were incredibly helpful as he was able to help me set and exceed the stretch goals we identified.”

Koral Kartik, Senior Manager, Advanced Services, Rogers Communications

“Mitch and I met at Dilithium Networks, a 100-person late-stage VC-backed early leader in the mobile industry. Mitch, as the head of marketing, product management and development confidently took the reins in the ambiguous startup environment, communicating honestly and directly with customers with a polished focus on bringing them the strongest ROI through solid business cases and value propositions. Mitch was instrumental in helping me secure roles in Juniper, Nokia and ultimately IBM. Most recently, Mitch has been an invaluable guiding support in my role at VMware through his soft-touch approach of guidance, wisdom and humility.”

David Fremaux, Senior Director, Global SI & Service Providers, VMwave

“What can I say about Mitch? Though we’ve known each other for about seven years, it feels like lifetimes and the professional and personal impact he has had on my business and personal life is outstanding. We initially met while I was growing my VAR in Australia, I had worked with dozens and dozens of Vendors, but very few were true Partners. His primary focus was helping to grow APAC and ANZ partners’ business and his team had a long-quarter winning streak of beating forecasts plus growth – hard to do! Our deep and varied discussions ranged from gaining investment support at Board meetings to Beers in Bali (as one does), where we cemented our business and personal relationship while talking about helping to make the world a better place. What I learned was how aligned our values were around honesty, transparency, and authenticity. While I’m building my next business and life venture, I’m looking forward to Mitch’s guidance, leadership, support and partnership.”

Wayne Shaw, Founder & CEO, Comlinx (an Over the Wire co.)

“I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of knowing Mitch for over 20 years. We worked together in Stockholm for Ericsson’s new and global operators, and some years later, he recruited me to join his team in Jakarta. What I’ve appreciated most over the years is that regardless of where we’re living and working, Mitch takes the time to support me in my career and life growth. Working together with him on three continents has given me a chance to observe his natural leadership and inspiring coaching styles with individuals and teams. Especially during these unprecedented times we are managing through, I would highly recommend Mitch to any corporation looking to truly transform to the next level of achievement in our new normal.”

Cassio Silva, Senior Sourcing Business Partner, Ericsson


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