Mitch shares Twelve Principles for Climbing Your Personal Everest, revealing what he’s learned along the way about goal-setting, perseverance, collaboration and more. In doing so, he provides a practical, life-changing, and sometimes humorous look at the things that keep us climbing toward greatness despite the challenges and obstacles life throws our way. Whether you long to discover something or identified your dream but are unsure, this book will help you navigate the journey ahead.

A great leader sets ambitious goals and then motivates a team to exceed them. I’ve seem Mitch coach and inspire teams to do more than they ever thought they could. In Climbing Your Personal Everest, Mitch demonstrates how to successfully manage personal life changes as well as thouse that come with being on a team. His positivity and passion come through on every page.

His positivity and passion come through on every page.

Gerri Elliott, Independent Board Member for Whirlpool, Imperva and Marvell Technologies and Founder of Broadrooms.
I believe that leadership involves connecting the intelligence of yourself and the team whether that includes climbing Mount Everest or launching new products and services.

This will serve as your trusted personal coach in scaling new heights.

Chetan Sharma, President, Chetan Sharma Consulting
Because philanthropy is so important to me, I appreciate the focus on giving of oneself as well.  This book will give you relevant steps on how to climb your literal or metaphorical Mount Everest, no matter your age.

Mitch's book captures the intersection of climbing, marathons and life.

Dan Mazur, Founder, SummitClimb

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