A life dedicated to helping students, individuals, and teams reach new heights and their full potential.


A life dedicated to helping students, individuals, and teams reach new heights and their full potential.

Mitch is a celebrated speaker, acclaimed author, successful business and community leader, and world-renowned athlete who has passionately guided thousands of people in their journey to find their passion with purpose while making a positive difference in society for all. Continuing to challenge himself, Mitch and his wife Michelle and AARP late-in-life newbie commercial farmers and in the hospitality business. This is a case of life-imitating-art following his publishing of Billy the Baaad Goat in The Big Yellow Rocket Ship about couple who move away from the city during the pandemic and buy a farm (with a big red barn). They are literally learning agri-tourism from the ground up!


In the middle of a highly successful 40+year career as a quota-caring tech executive with some of the world’s most beloved brands, Mitch found himself feeling unfulfilled, out-of-shape and unhappy. He kept asking himself – is this as good as it gets? He was desperate to find his personal passion.

Mitch discovered running and signed up for his first marathon.

Over the course of the next 10 years, he achieved a complete transformation, moving from physical and mental challenges to triumphs, getting into the best shape of his life and achieving world-renowned physical achievements that put him in the company of only a handful of celebrated individuals.


Mitch appreciates fellow-human’s drive, motivation and intention and uses this energy to help inspire others through books, speaking engagements, and mentoring.

Mitch genuinely believes in the inherent goodness and potential greatness in all humans and the role we all have in helping to make the world a better place through giving back.



Mitch’s passion is engaging with and inspiring individuals, classes and teams to dream big and transform themselves mentally and physically. Over the past 15 years, Mitch has inspired thousands as an in-demand speaker from large to private stages such as Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, REI, University of Washington, Santa Barbara Middle School, Climb Every Mountain, NetApp, SC Johnson and many more.

Every speaking engagement blends Mitch’s exceptional corporate success, inspirational details of his physical adventures, perils and achievements with his proven 12 success principles to enable a massive paradigm shift with his audiences.

A deeply-networked connector, Mitch makes everyone in the room feel important, inspired, heard and cared for. He is known by his colleagues and loved ones for his sincerity, kindness, generosity, humor, loyalty and passion.

Mitch believes fully that all people are amazing, and everyone can pursue their passion with purpose to help make the world a better place.

One of a very few people who have completed a marathon on all seven continents and summited the highest mountains on the same seven continents including Mount Everest at age 54 and then Vinson Massif (Antarctica) months shy of his 56th birthday. He has also recently climbed Mount Fuji in Japan and Jade Mountain in Taiwan, and finished marathons in thirty-five U.S. states towards his 50-States Marathon goal in the coming years and including several ultra-marathons including two ninety-kilometer races.

The author of five books for ages 5 – 95, Mitch shares his life experiences and principles from “Climbing Your Personal Everest” on how to achieve our full potential while making the world a better place to his young readers’ books including “Billy The Baaad Goat” promoting fun, collaboration and science.

We strive to give back to our community and the world everyday in every way we can.  We continue to be champions for diversity, underserved people and our beautiful environment. As owners and stewards of the historic lands that are now Summit Farms, we are committed to organic and regenerative practices, supporting pollinators, biodiversity and conservation efforts.  We try to live our lives through thoughtful and intentional acts of kindness. 


Based on his personal successes, failures and transformation, Mitch has created Your Personal Everest as a holistic program to address people from a personal and professional viewpoint to achieve unimaginable new heights in every area of one’s life.

Your Personal Everest is a celebrated program known throughout the world for achieving transformative results for the world’s most beloved brands.

What is holding your teams back? Let’s dive in and summit Your Personal Everest!


Every person dreams of doing something they didn’t think was possible. They may be scared or are just comfortable and don’t know how to push through the old mental stories that are holding them back.

Our purpose is to inspire others to move out of the comfortable, find their own passion and to provide them with proven, actionable tools to help them summit their own personal Everest.


Everyone yearns to be heard, respected and understood.

At YPE we lead from the heart and are committed to valuing everyone’s journey. We are avid students of life who are passionately exploring, learning and finding new ways to push the status quo to ensure we all stay modern and young-at-heart and spirit.


We are unrelenting in our pursuit of reaching new heights.

We hold ourselves accountable to achieve results for ourselves and our clients. We take pride in our work and strive to exceed expectations.


We strive to give back to our community and the world everyday in anyway we can.

YPE has been a champion for underserved people and our beautiful environment through financial contributions, ongoing mentorships, mental and spiritual counseling throughout our lifetimes.

We live by thoughtful acts of kindness and intentional giving.