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A Message from Manoj Leelanivas & Mitch Lewis

Welcome Team!  Like you see in the accomplishments of great athletes, Mitch completed amazing feats once he got into the state of “Flow”. Business leaders can learn a lot from your drive and motivation to provide staff the focus required toward the next big milestone. As we transform Juniper to meet the needs of an experience-first world, there’s valuable lessons we can learn and apply from a Juniperite’s journey to get into the “Flow”.

Yours in growth and transformation,


Hello Friends!  I am honored to partner with Manoj again and for the opportunity to speak to so many old friends and colleagues.  As a proud Juniperite, I am excited about your transformation journey and the power to disrupt the industry.   As well, I genuinely believe in the inherent goodness and potential greatness that flows in all all of us and the role we share to shape the world.

Cheers to you for taking the next step! 


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