Mitch loves to engage with all kinds of groups, from small to large, from youth groups to corporates, on relevant motivational, leadership and/or adventure topics. He uses a wide range of techniques including words, pictures and video to illustrate and inspire. Mitch always customizes his content for the crowd – and never uses stock presentations. Groups or companies should hire him if they want someone who will leave the people with knowledge, topic understanding and hopefully a sense of wow. Mitch often uses lists of principles that tie into the presentation around either leadership, climbing your personal Everest, or pursuing your passion with purpose – and always with a bit of humour and self-deprecation.

What he has to offer is a unique blend of having been – and still is – an sales, partnering, marketing and development executive at some of the world’s leading companies: AT&T, Ericsson, Microsoft and Juniper – as well as a couple of innovative start-ups. In other words – he will know, or get to know, your audience. While he’s not there to sell something, he is truly passionate about helping individuals and teams achieve greatness against the greatest of challenges.

What gives him the most pleasure is to hear back from people days, or weeks or months later on how they’ve made some changes to their lives or organizations and the success they’ve seen because of the talk they’ve heard. What makes a great speaker, as opposed to a good one, is the ability to have a conversation with the audience, not to talk at them. One needs a style that is adaptable to the language, culture and diversity of the group and to “work the room” whether it is 20 or 2,000 people; whether young people, pensioners or sales executives. His experience ranges from large companies such as Juniper, Ixia, OpenWave, REI, Shea Homes and many others.

The most important reason why you might want to hire Mitch or just to go see him speak, is that he really is just an ordinary guy, who – though he might have done some extraordinary things like completing a marathon and climbing the highest summit on seven continents, all after the age of 45 – who has dreams, hopes and fears like everyone else. People are amazing and we all want to pursue our passion with purpose and help make the world a better place.