• Are you longing to discover something that will fill you with passion and purpose, or you’ve identified your dream but don’t quite know how to get from here to there, this book will help you navigate the journey ahead. Mitch’s message in Climbing Your Personal Everest is simple: If a middle-aged, out-of- shape guy can reinvent his life by running seven grueling marathons and summiting the highest mountains on all seven continents, any one can really achieve anything. Climbing Your Personal Everest provides practical, life-changing, and a sometimes-humorous look at the things that keep us climbing toward greatness despite the challenges and obstacles life throws our way.  
  • In “Climb Higher – Pursue Your Passion With Purpose”, the follow-up to the inspiring Climbing Your Personal Everest, author Mitch Lewis combines motivational strategies, exercises, and riveting true-life stories to empower you to pursue the passion that is burning within you. Featured story subjects candidly share what prompted them to take a giant step toward realizing their dreams, how they leveraged their support network, and what they learned along the way that can equip others to fulfill their ambitions. Everyone has something significant they want to do in this life, and this book will inspire you to push yourself toward greatness.
  • Could a goofy group of crafty creatures led by a naughty goat really hijack a Big Yellow Rocket Ship in a Beatlesesque misadventure to the moon? Join Billy the Baaad Goat and his aaamazing animal friends on their first expedition, where they learn about the wonders of space, working together, diversity, determination and so much madcap hilarity! Parents will appreciate the gorgeous illustrations, science and math learnings, cultural Easter eggs and hearty laughs together with the curious kiddos!  This adventure is rated for kids from 3-7.
  • Was it all a dream, that a curious group of farm animals found themselves in a Green Submarine, navigating the ocean’s squalls and being led again by a naughty good-hearted goat? When the ship springs a leak and the crew is in danger, can the animal kingdom work nicely together and fix the problem before the sub sinks? Join Billy the Baaad Goat and his aaamazing animal friends on their second expedition where they learn all about the wonders of the seas - while playing a sea-creature alphabet-letter game! See the team experience courage, mateship, determination and fun through easy-to-read rhyming-verses and beautiful illustrations. Parents (and teachers!) will appreciate the real-life funny-fish while learning and laughing together with the curious kiddos! Click here to purchase the Kindle version!
  • Une histoire lyrique, inspirée de faits réels, de deux meilleurs amis qui, quand ils sont enfants, décident d'escalader le mont Everest quand ils seront grands. Ils ont suivi leur plan, après avoir grandi, être allés à l'université, ils ont économisé et se sont entraînés avant de se rendre au Népal où ils rencontrent leurs coéquipiers d'escalade au célèbre hôtel Yak & Yeti à Katmandou. Après avoir atterri à l'aéroport le plus dangereux du monde à Lukla, ils s'embarquent dans une expédition de deux mois pour tenter de gravir le sommet de la "Montagne Mère", à 8849 mètres d'altitude tout en essayant de vaincre leurs plus grandes peurs. Malgré les dangers et les risques omniprésents, Max et Molly commencent à former des liens avec leurs coéquipiers et les Sherpas à travers les rires et les larmes. Grimpez avec Max et Molly et leurs Sherpas au cours de leur périlleux voyage jusqu'au sommet ultime. Quand ils virent Son visage souriant, A travers les nuages qui se dissipaient, Ils savaient qu'ils devaient faire une prière, Et que tout était possible.
  • The Mother Mountain” is a beautifully illustrated lyrical story, based on true events, of two best friends who decide to climb Mount Everest on a childhood dare. Climb with Max and Molly and their Sherpas in their do-or-not-die journey from Kathmandu to the Khumbu Icefall, from Base Camp to the Western Cwm, and finally to the South Col for their ultimate summit.  This book is wonderful for grade-school kids (and their parents and grandparents too!), and includes learnings from the mountains around collaboration, training, overcoming obstacles, respect and celebrating success as a team.
  • Una historia lírica, basada en hechos reales, de dos mejores amigos que decidieron escalar el Monte Everest luego de hacer un reto en la infancia. Luego de hacer planes, crecer, ir a la universidad, ahorrar y entrenar, viajaron a Nepal, donde conocieron a sus compañeros de escalada en el famoso hotel Yak and Yeti en Katmandú. Volando hacia el aeropuerto más peligroso del mundo ubicado en Lukla, se embarcaron en una expedición de dos meses para intentar una llegar a la cumbre de la “Madre de las Montañas” de 29.035 pies de altura mientras trataban de superar sus miedos más profundos. Max y Molly descubrieron los lazos que se forman con los compañeros de equipo y los Sherpas a través de risas y lágrimas en medio del peligro y los riesgos que están siempre presentes. Escala con Max y Molly y sus Sherpas en su viaje de vida o muerte hacia la cumbre final. Cuando vieron su rostro sonriente, A través de las nubes que se despejaron, Supieron decir gracias, Y ser su versión más fuerte.
  • 2 book bundle: Signed & Personalized by the Author - Climbing Your Personal Everest: A Journey of Self Discovery and Leadership and Climb Higher + your choice of a YPE toque or water bottle.
  • All 3 Paperback books: Climbing Your Personal Everest: A Journey of Self Discovery and Leadership, Climb Higher and The Mother Mountain


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