Climbing Your Personal Everest: A Journey of Self Discovery and Leadership

Gasping for air, Mitch Lewis found himself on his hands and knees at 28,500 feet, in minus-40 degree temperatures and pummeled by 40mph winds. Only a few hours from summiting Mount Everest, Mitch couldn’t breathe, his oxygen tank was empty, and he was trapped in the middle of a Into Thin Air-like storm that would soon claim the life of another climber. Would the merciless, raging elements claim his life, too?

Mitch Lewis is one of a celebrated few people in the world to run a marathon and summit the seven highest mountains on all seven continents. And yet his story is far more than the death-defying escapades of a world-class adventurer. At 45, Mitch was an ordinary, out-of-shape guy, stuck in a rut with a gut, dogged by a nagging, restless feeling that there was more to life than this. With the bold decision to run a marathon in his city, his entire world turned upside down and he found himself on an epic quest: to complete a marathon and climb the highest summit on all seven continents.

His message is simple: If a middle-aged, out-of- shape guy can reinvent his life by running seven grueling marathons and summiting the highest mountains on all seven continents, you can achieve your goals and dreams, too. And it doesn’t matter if what you dream of is a small tweak or a radical do-over of the life you’re living today. In addition to his riveting story, Mitch shares Twelve Principles for Climbing Your Personal Everest, revealing what he’s learned along the way about goal-setting, perseverance, collaboration and more. In doing so, he provides a practical, life-changing, and sometimes humorous look at the things that keep us climbing toward greatness despite the challenges and obstacles life throws our way.

Whether you long to discover something that will fill you with passion and purpose, or whether you’ve identified your dream but don’t quite know how to get from here to there, this book will help you navigate the journey ahead.