Climb Higher

Pursue Your Passion With Purpose

MOST PEOPLE REACH A POINT IN LIFE when they feel compelled to do more and be more. Perhaps they have redefined what is meaningful in life and begin investing their time in things that matter. Perhaps they realize they have been stuck in a rut for far too long and finally choose to do something about it. Or perhaps they reached a milestone birthday and decided to pursue a grand ambition.

In this book, the follow-up to his award-winning Climbing Your Personal Everest, author Mitch Lewis combines motivational strategies, practical steps, and riveting true-life stories to empower you to pursue the passion that is burning within you. Featured story subjects candidly share what prompted them to take a giant step toward realizing their dreams, how they leveraged their support network,and what they learned along the way that can equip others to fulfill their ambitions.You have probably heard the phrase ordinary people achieving extraordinary things, which may sound simplistic and even trite. But there’s nothing simple or cliché when the description aptly applies to actual individuals people much like you who overcame hardships and conquered fears on the way to achieving their vision. Everyone has something significant they want to do in this life, and this book will inspire you to push yourself toward greatness.