Climbing Your Personal Everest: A Journey of Self Discovery and Leadership

Gasping for air, Mitch Lewis found himself on his hands and knees at 28,500 feet, in minus-40 degree temperatures and pummeled by 40mph winds. Only a few hours from summiting Mount Everest, Mitch couldn’t breathe, his oxygen tank was empty, and he was trapped in the middle of a Into Thin Air-like storm that would soon claim the life of another climber. Would the merciless, raging elements claim his life, too?

Mitch Lewis is one of a celebrated few people in the world to run a marathon and summit the seven highest mountains on all seven continents. And yet his story is far more than the death-defying escapades of a world-class adventurer. At 45, Mitch was an ordinary, out-of-shape guy, stuck in a rut with a gut, dogged by a nagging, restless feeling that there was more to life than this. With the bold decision to run a marathon in his city, his entire world turned upside down and he found himself on an epic quest: to complete a marathon and climb the highest summit on all seven continents.

His message is simple: If a middle-aged, out-of- shape guy can reinvent his life by running seven grueling marathons and summiting the highest mountains on all seven continents, you can achieve your goals and dreams, too. And it doesn’t matter if what you dream of is a small tweak or a radical do-over of the life you’re living today. In addition to his riveting story, Mitch shares Twelve Principles for Climbing Your Personal Everest, revealing what he’s learned along the way about goal-setting, perseverance, collaboration and more. In doing so, he provides a practical, life-changing, and sometimes humorous look at the things that keep us climbing toward greatness despite the challenges and obstacles life throws our way.

Whether you long to discover something that will fill you with passion and purpose, or whether you’ve identified your dream but don’t quite know how to get from here to there, this book will help you navigate the journey ahead.

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Gerri Elliott
Gerri ElliottChief Sales & Marketing Officer, Cisco Networks and Founder of Broadrooms Read More
His positivity and passion come through on every page.
A great leader sets ambitious goals and then motivates a team to exceed them. I’ve seem Mitch coach and inspire teams to do more than they ever thought they could. In Climbing Your Personal Everest, Mitch demonstrates how to successfully manage personal life changes as well as those that come with being on a team. His positivity and passion come through on every page.
Kate Bullis
Kate BullisManaging Partner, Go-To-Market Practice, SEBA International Executive Search Read More
To ‘athletes’ wishing to drive results for companies, themselves & their teams.When I first contacted Mitch almost eight years ago, I was leading a search for a senior position at Juniper Networks. Juniper had a requirement that the candidate be an ‘athlete’ – not in the physical sense, but in aspects of agility, professional achievement and collaborative style. Never did I expect that this business athlete would climb Mount Everest the following year. Of all of my placements during the past decades, Mitch is one of my proudest when it comes to what he has accomplished as a professional and person. I would recommend this book to any ‘athlete’ wishing to drive results for their company, themselves and their teams.
John Giere
John GiereCEO, Openwave Mobility Read More
I recommend for improving results in your personal & professional lives. I have had the privilege of knowing my friend Mitch for over twenty years including three years we worked together in Stockholm for Ericsson. As an industry executive and CEO, my highest priorities are formulating a compelling strategy and setting and driving results – however – nothing exceeds my priority of investing time and energy into building a high-performing team that can manage through market changes. In his book, Mitch provides many strategies that resonate with me. I highly recommend this book if you want valuable insights into how to be the best that you can be while improving results in your personal and professional lives.
Rev. David Bruner
Rev. David BrunerSenior Minister and Spiritual Leader, Center for Spiritual Living, San Jose, CA Read More
I have read Climb Higher, and my spirit can’t stop grinning! At the Center for Spiritual Living, we are a welcoming and inclusive community of inspired individuals caring for and about each other and the entire planetary family, bringing the gifts of active compassion and kindness to the world.”
A J Field
A J FieldVerified Amazon Review Read More
A Gripping Read!
What a great story of achievement. Very few people have done marathons on all 7 continents AND climbed the highest mountain peaks on those continents. Story is well written and moves at a cracking pace. The many hours of pain endured and all the long preparations are downplayed. I couldn’t put it down.
Monika Kelley
Monika KelleyVerified Amazon Review Read More
I strongly recommend this book.
If you find yourself “stuck in a rut”, Mitch Lewis’s motivational words and amazing story might be the thing to move you towards your personal best. For me, it has given me the nudge I desperately needed.
JunHoe (Michael) Park
JunHoe (Michael) ParkVerified Amazon Review Read More
This book is great and useful to anyone who plans to climb everest mountain.
I personally really learn a lot and so impressed from his past variety of experiences.
It actively encourages me to do the same road what he has achieved.
So I do hope same feelings and enthusiasm through his book as same as me.
JNVerified Amazon Purchase Read More
Great book!
Great book! This inspiring story is a down to earth account of lofty achievements. Mitch Lewis writes in a very unassuming style that speaks to the inner ambitions in all of us. His “if I can do it, you can do it” approach is motivating and believable. He’s also very honest giving us a warts and all account of how he achieved his goals and showing that pursuing goals is a never ending endeavor. Highly recommended.
Michelle Alsop
Michelle AlsopVerified Amazon Review Read More
This is a wonderful book that moves along easily as it entertains and inspires. If you are looking for motivation and inspiration from a ordinary man who accomplished extraordinary things, this is a must read!! Gives real life stories (which we can all relate to), and practical exercises to help you along the way. Thank you, Mitch, I Loved it!
C. Senner
C. SennerVerified Amazon Review Read More
Looking for Motivation? This is inspiring!
I enjoyed Mitch’s inspiring account of his transformation from couch potato to marathoner and mountain climber. This is an easy read in that Mitch’s story-telling draws you in so that you don’t want to put the book down. His twelve principles are straight-forward and practical – I’ve posted them in a couple of places for ongoing motivation! Thank you Mitch for reminding me that I can do anything I put my mind to. I’m ready to read your story again.
Stan de Boisset
Stan de BoissetVerified Amazon Review Read More
This book knocked me down !
Mitch was a very successful business man with a quiet personal life with no personal objectives or aspiration.
This is an amazing story of a simple man who decided to take control of his personal future and started an amazing adventure ! It is well written, it is intimate, i have learned so much from it, the lessons he learned and shared!