In this book, the follow-up to his award-winning Climbing Your Personal Everest, author Mitch Lewis combines motivational strategies, practical steps, and riveting true-life stories to empower you to pursue the passion that is burning within you. Featured story subjects candidly share what prompted them to take a giant step toward realizing their dreams, how they overcame self-doubts, how they leveraged their support network, and what they learned along the way that can equip others to fulfill their ambitions.

You have probably heard the phrase “ordinary people achieving extraordinary things,” which may sound simplistic and even trite. But there’s nothing simple or cliché when the description aptly applies to actual individuals—people much like you—who overcame hardships and conquered fears on the way to achieving their vision. Everyone has something significant they want to do in this life, and this book will inspire you push yourself toward greatness.

I have had the privilege of knowing my friend Mitch for over twenty years including three years we worked together in Stockholm for Ericsson.  As an industry executive and CEO, my highest priorities are formulating a compelling strategy and setting and driving results – however – nothing exceeds my priority of investing time and energy into building a high-performing team that can manage through market changes.  In his book, Mitch provides many strategies that resonate with me.  I highly recommend this book if you want valuable insights into how to be the best that you can be while improving results in your personal and professional lives.

I recommend for improving results in your personal & professional lives.

John Giere; CEO, Openwave Mobility
When I first contacted Mitch almost eight years ago, I was leading a search for a senior position at Juniper Networks. Juniper had a requirement that the candidate be an ‘athlete’ – not in the physical sense, but in aspects of agility, professional achievement and collaborative style.  Never did I expect that this business athlete would climb Mount Everest the following year. Of all of my placements during the past decades, Mitch is one of my proudest when it comes to what he has accomplished as a professional and person. I would recommend this book to any ‘athlete’ wishing to drive results for their company, themselves and their teams.

To ‘athletes’ wishing to drive results for companies, themselves & their teams.

Kate Bullis; Managing Partner, Go-To-Market Practice, SEBA International Executive Search
“[At CSL], we are a welcoming and inclusive community of inspired individuals caring for and about each other and the entire planetary family, bringing the gifts of active compassion and kindness to the world.”

I have read Climb Higher, and my spirit can't stop grinning!

Rev. David Bruner, Senior Minister and Spiritual Leader, Center for Spiritual Living, San Jose, CA