Could a goofy group of crafty creatures led by a naughty goat really hijack a big yellow rocketship in a Beatlesesque misadventure to the moon? When a meteorite strikes the ship and the crew is in danger, can the animal kingdom put aside their differences and fix the problem before disaster strikes?

Join Billy the Baaad Goat and his aaamazing animal friends on their first expedition, where they learn about the wonders of space, working together, diversity, determination and so much madcap hilarity! Parents (and grandparents!) will appreciate the cultural Easter eggs and hearty laughs together with the curious kiddos!


“Strawberry Fields was the name of Billy’s home farm;

Since forever, the Fields held a magical charm.

Billy lived there with Farmer John and Farmher Joan now,

Who had traded a row house for a sowing plow.

Billy had been bullied since he was a kid, and the butt of all goat-jokes that rhyme;

But now he’s aiming for the moon and to be The G.O.A.T. (the greatest of all time)!”

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Sneak Peek of Billy the Baaad Goat

Billy the Dreamer

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a goat named William;
Billy, as he was called, marched to a different drum.
Strawberry Fields was the name of his home-farm.
Since forever, the Fields had a magical charm.

Billy came to the farm

when he was just a kid.
His goat-parents lived nearby
With some friendly farmers
Who had lots of grass to rid.
Billy was kinda baaad no matter what he did.

Farmer John and Farmher Joan

would croon to Billy every night. They would sing him songs under the night-light
About ancient dinosaurs, modern astronauts, Mysterious lands, and faraway planets.

Billy the Baaad Goat

was dreaming about going into space In a rocket ship!
In a race,
On a trip,
To the Moon,
But with whom!!

Farmers Mitch & Michelle
AKA John and Joan

Untitled (1947 × 2560 px)