Mitch Lewis


Looking into the sky,

What would I face?

Would I only try?

Or just try to keep pace?


The icefall it rose,

And tumbled and fell,

As if in a pose,

That looked all pell-mell.


Snow and ice,

Devoid of all life.

Challenging my insides,

Cutting me like a knife.


What would I face?

At the Hillary Step,

When I couldn’t keep pace,

Where others had crept.


Like a climber who knows,

His worst fears are close,

The bodies whose souls,

Are there and in silent repose.


How do you know?

When your dreams can come true,

From our strength that was so,

From others that we knew.


I saw high above,

The peak that stood tall,

All surrounded by love,

And my worries were small.


When I saw her shining face,

Through the clouds that broke free,

I knew I had to say grace,

And be who I could be.


I took one step forward,

And kept my mind free,

Tried not to go backward,

And see what I could see.


And then it was my duty,

I stood on her top.

And worshiped her beauty,

Not intending to stop.